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Gust house hostel introduction

Welcome to our community, your home for today!! Nariya hostel Gust house Sapporo!!


What is a Guest house??




A guesthouse is a partially shared accommodation, you will have your private bed, but you will share the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and the Livingroom with other guest.

Nariya will be the place you call home during your stay in Japan.

We at Nariya believe that your home is where you can feel like it, so we at Nariya put up all our experience, knowledge and a strong will to make Nariya your home even for one day!!

We at Nariya believe that traveling is not just the place you visit along your journey; it is also the people you get to meet while moving around.

Our community is built from a friend’s traveler around the globe and local great Japanese, that wish to share with you the real Japanese experience & culture while you are here.

Our team is all a previous traveler and all bilingual & more, they all carrying years of experience and memory to share with you, to make you’re traveling unforgettable.

At Nariya we promote interaction among our guest, to assist them sharing their experiences, ideas from traveling, so as from their home country, for that we are operating an open café space, where you can share your home cooking and try others, (especially Japanese cooking) world music, and lots tips for hot spots to visit in Japan by our guest traveler, and a guest lecturers.